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SWIFT is the ONLY UK software that has been dedicated to the needs of

both shared user Transport AND Warehousing since 1985


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Swift’s supply chain management software has been designed for use by companies offering shared user logistics and 3PL third party logistics services. For the road haulage contractor the traffic diary based transport management system provides for the needs of the busy traffic office and overall operational needs together with all the associated back office functionality such as invoicing, reporting and analysis, pod management, pod scanning, fleet management and fleet costing. Telematics offer vehicle / trailer tracking and in cab technology  which extend the system right into the cab to capture signatures and quantities. For the public warehouse the stock control and warehouse management systems offer control from pre-advice of stock receipt through picking to loading and onwards through the TMS to final delivery with all the handling, storage and picking charges automatically generated. Various forms of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) are available to link your systems with your customers and suppliers. The document scanning module goes way beyond POD scanning to include capturing any job or load related document, goods received advices, purchase invoices etc. all appropriately indexed and linked. 

Swift has a variety of modules and levels. In its twenty five year history it has proved as suitable for the large company running hundreds of multi drop / groupage loads a day, multi legged out of several depots, as it is for the small but growing single site general haulier or third party warehouse / cold store. Equipment control, load planning, multi leg, cross docking, e-reporting, exception alerts, internet access, working from the beach. You name it, we do it. All modules are totally integrated for a full solution. A software system should meet your foreseeable needs for the next five to ten years. Swift will. Don’t be tempted by anything less.

Swift can be purchased outright or rented for use on your own equipment or you can run it over the internet on our servers. Either way, we offer total support. In these difficult economic conditions we understand the need to minimise up front costs. Get the benefits of Swift today for a small monthly charge.



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