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The Fleet Costing system has been designed to manage costs and track vehicle profitability.  It provides detailed auditing and analysis for your entire fleet - both tractors and trailers. It has been designed in conjunction with road hauliers to meet the needs of road hauliers.

Vehicle profitability

Fleet profitability

Fixed and variable costs

Fuel costs inc. Bulk

Fuel consumption statistics

Transaction history

On screen summary


Revenues are automatically transferred from the TMS. A variety of fixed and variable costs categories can be set up. Only one entry is required for periodic costs (weekly / monthly) such as insurance, contract hire Road fund licence. Fuel usage / costs are tracked from your own tank or as purchased on the road enabling kpg. reporting. Swift’s Management sheet facility enables all relevant info to be seen and data such as odometer readings to be quickly entered for all vehicles. Invoiced costs for servicing, spares etc. can be entered and allocated to appropriate cost categories. These can be posted directly to the purchase ledger eliminating double keying.






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