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The SWIFT stock control system has been designed specifically for shared user warehouses. It provides the ability to accurately monitor and control the stock for which you are responsible. It also provides you with the flexibility to use different procedures and controls for each customer or even each product.  

Goods are tracked from receipt through to picking and dispatch and when used in conjunction with the SWIFT Warehouse Management system (WMS) and the Traffic Management system (TMS), you have a complete solution for tracking stock throughout your business.

Receipt of Goods/Pre booking

Detailed Stock Records 

Good and Damaged Stock 

Bonded/Held Balances 

Transaction History 

Stock Taking 

Automatic Rating 

Sales Invoicing 


On-Screen Enquiries 

Document Production




SWIFT can be configured to control stock in single or multiple warehouses / stores  at one or more sites and provides facilities for inter-depot stock transfers. System workstations can be located wherever you need them, both in the office or the warehouse.

Whether entering opening balances, pre booking stock for future receipt or recording actual movements into your stores, SWIFT provides a comprehensive and easy to use method of monitoring stock receipts.

Customer orders can be manually entered or automatically created via EDI links to third party systems. Once in SWIFT, they can be instantly retrieved and amended if required prior to picking / confirmation of pick. Further comprehensive order processing can then be provided by the Swift TMS if appropriate.

Stock adjustment facilities are also provided to enable total flexibility in managing balances.

Full stock taking procedures are provided.

With SWIFT Stock Control you have instant access to current stock balances. Therefore you will always know whether an order placed by a customer can be fulfilled. These balances together with automated facilities for rating will result in a reduction in administrative effort while guaranteeing accuracy in the production of your storage, handling and picking invoices. This results in more satisfaction and fewer queries from your customers as they learn to rely on your reporting or make use of your e-Reports facility. Furthermore, your documentation is always accurate and legible, so mistakes are avoided.

Stock Records

Maintaining accurate stock records is the central function of the Stock Control system. Stock records can be identified by standard product codes (yours or your customers) or system allocated rotation / lot numbers. Your customers batch control schemes can also be provided for, no matter how complex. In addition, these balances can be shown as actual or theoretical values

Transaction History

All balance figures held in the stock records are supported by a full audit trail within a comprehensive transaction history. This allows you to respond to all queries concerning stock movements both into and out of store. Past, current and planned movements can all be viewed at any time.

Warehouse Invoicing

Fully automated charging and invoicing routines provide all the flexibility you need to satisfy the varied requirements of your customers. Handling, storage, picking etc. are all fully catered for over any required period and for any unit type. Invoices can be summarised, detailed, or both. Invoice data can be effortlessly transferred to the sales and nominal ledgers of almost any of the leading accounts packages.


The Stock Control system can be fully integrated with the SWIFT Transport Management System (TMS) but if you  operate a third party TMS then we offer a standard EDI interface to enable order and address information to be passed between the two systems. This open specification of the interface enables any TMS to be linked. We can produce bespoke interfaces if required.

Similarly, SWIFT provides its own standard interface files out of the invoicing modules which can be used to transfer invoice data into a third party accounts system. We also offer tailored links to the major accounting systems such as Sage and can additionally produce bespoke interfaces to other packages on request.

Enquiries, Document Production and Reporting

Instant access is provided to all product details, balances and movement history via on-screen enquiries and prints. This enables you to provide timely and efficient answers to customer queries and so help to provide an improved level of customer service.

Documents produced by the Stock Control system includes the following;

Goods Received Advice (GRA) Notes

Stock Collection / Delivery Notes

Handling Schedules and Invoices

Storage Schedules and Invoices

Sundry Credit Notes and Invoices

The design of Swift’s standard document layouts can be amended and you can design new documents. There is no need to contact us unless you require help with the modifications. 

Reporting on product balances and movements by customer, product code, batch number, date range, product groups, etc. is as extensive and varied as you wish to make it. All reports can be previewed on screen prior to printing. The details (columns, totals, etc.) are user definable in the same way as the document layouts above.





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