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The SWIFT Warehouse Management System software (WMS) provides the ability to monitor and control the physical location of goods within your warehouse. It is designed to offer additional stock management facilities (picking, location control, etc.) which build upon and are fully integrated with the standard Stock Control system. Additionally, you may fully integrate the SWIFT WMS with our Transport Management system to provide full control of stock movements within your business including order returns and stock re-location. 

As with the Stock Control system, the SWIFT WMS can be configured to control single or multiple warehouses, at one or more sites.

Batch Control

Rotation Control

Location Control

Order Picking

Product Recall

Bulk Picking

Pallet Labelling

Bar code scanning

Pick from product en-route

Picking Faces

Continuous Replenishment




The SWIFT Warehouse management system has sophisticated picking facilities. It allows for the automatic control of picking orders for dispatch and will take into account any stock rotation procedures that are required. SWIFT also allows you to plan picks from pre-booked stock which hasn't even arrived in the warehouse. Manual overriding of the picked stock is always possible. The picking routines can be as simple or as complex as you require. Different rules and procedures can be used for different customers and products.

Picking face details can be controlled independently for different products. Mixed picking allows the stock to be selected from a combination of picking faces, bulk locations or racked slots. SWIFT will automatically suggest replenishment of the picking face to minimise the occasions when it must be refilled during picking.

SWIFT can produce picking note documentation designed to your exact requirements.

Rotation Control

A range of methods for rotation control are provided. SWIFT's WMS will cope automatically with stock rotation based on sell-by, best before or production dates. You can then use this rotation date to select which stock should be picked to satisfy an order. Alternatively, SWIFT can pick the oldest stock first, or pick allowing for a minimum shelf-life if so required. Even if no rotation dates are used by your customer, SWIFT can pick automatically on a first-in, first-out basis, maintaining optimal stock rotation.

Batch Control

SWIFT provides flexibility in handling your customer's product and batch codes. Different schemes can be used for different customers and products. If batch control is used for a customer, SWIFT can produce reports and invoices in terms of the individual batch, batch within product or summarised total quantities.

Bar Code Scanning

Swift's WMS module provides for the latest warehouse technology offering full bar coding and RDT scanning facilities. RDTs can be hand held or truck mounted. Bar coded labels can be printed as part of the goods receipt procedures and, if required, for picked orders. Locations of receipted stock and movements within the warehouse will be automatically captured. Pick instructions can be downloaded to the RDTs for efficient and accurate order fulfilment. All updates to the records are real time so your stock records will always be up to date.




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