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The SWIFT suite of products is designed to provide day to day operational control over all aspects of the Transport and Warehousing sector, with specific focus on shared user logistics.

All SWIFT products can be fully integrated with each other which significantly reduces duplication of effort. This not only saves time but also minimises the chance of erroneous data entry.


Ease of Use

Reduce Costs

Improve Efficiency

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Be Better Informed





SWIFT is highly scalable. Its modern design and technology and its ability to interface with the main players in the database market means that the number of users which can access SWIFT concurrently is only limited by the power of the hardware. From single user systems through to wide area networks supporting hundreds of users, SWIFT has been designed to meet your requirements. A feature common across the product range is the ability to control multi site/depot operations. As your business expands additional sites can be set up in SWIFT with minimal fuss and very little effort.

SWIFT allows you to operate in a single or multi currency environment. Customer rating, invoice production and supplier costings can be managed in whatever currencies your partners specify. Even if you only operate within the UK these facilities would be invaluable during any possible future changeover to the Euro.

Security also features in the fundamental design of SWIFT. It has the in-built flexibility to permit or restrict access to all main functions on a user by user basis. Comprehensive audit trails can also be used to provide logs of who did what, and when.

Process alerts are another feature of SWIFT which can be used across the product range. They enable a user or group of users to be alerted to predefined events (late running, overloading, etc). The alert can be in the form of an internal SWIFT message, an e-mail or an SMS message to a mobile phone or pager. Further options to escalate the alert and to send it to various levels of contacts are also available.

Document production and reporting within SWIFT are handled by a user friendly link between SWIFT and user-defined document designs produced using Crystal Reports. This provides the best of both worlds by offering the comprehensive reporting capabilities of the market leading reporting package and the ability to manage the reports from within SWIFT. For example, if one or more of your customers requests a different invoice layout, you could design the individual layouts in the reporting package and SWIFT' will automatically choose which layout should be used by each customer during invoice production.

Standard designs are provided for most common documents (collection/delivery notes, vehicle manifests, driversí running sheets, invoices, etc.) but may be modified either by us or by you. Similarly, a selection of on-screen enquiries and reports are provided as standard but may be amended or added to as required.

Our philosophy in designing SWIFT products is to make them as comprehensive as possible within the framework they cover. But in certain peripheral areas it makes sense to draw on the expertise and functionality of 3rd party products rather than attempting to reinvent the wheel. Therefore, we have developed interfaces to a number of related systems which enable us to integrate their features within SWIFT. Further to these integrated interfaces, we also offer standard EDI interfaces to receive order information into SWIFT (e.g. from a 3rd party WMS) and to output accounts information for transfer into a 3rd party accounts system such as Sage.

Benefits of SWIFT:

Ease of Use

SWIFT is presented via a modern, familiar, easy to use Windows interface which enables users to quickly feel at home with the software. User configurable menus and screens simplify operation by only showing each user what they need to see.

All SWIFT products are built using a modular design. This allows you to purchase the facilities you require without the need to pay for unwanted complexities. Extensive use of installation parameters can also be used to ensure you only see the features you need.

All in all - SWIFT has the flexibility to operate in the simplest way to meet your needs.

Reduce Costs

By reducing the amount of manual administration in your office and warehouse.

By avoiding loss of stock and letting you know exactly what you are holding at all times.

By keeping you in control of job and vehicle costs at all times.

By reducing the need to key in the same data more than once.

Improve Efficiency

SWIFT has the ability to automatically deal with time consuming tasks such as rating, document production, cost confirmation notes, etc. This ensures that you donít forget to charge for all the services you supply and you only pay for those services you have received.

Invoices can then be generated at the push of a button with the peace of mind that nothing has been forgotten. Further efficiency can be gained by letting SWIFT transfer all the invoicing information into an accounts package of your choice.

SWIFT modules work together. This means that once information is entered anywhere in the system, it is never forgotten and is instantly available across all other modules. This means that you never have to enter the same information twice and gone are the days when you had to copy information from one piece of paper to another.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

SWIFT allows you to respond to a customerís query directly from the computer screen, instantly and confidently.

In conjunction with the report writer, you can produce reports to meet the precise requirements of your customers. These reports are able to draw on all data entered into SWIFT, regardless of whether it relates to the past, present or future.

With SWIFT, your documentation will be accurate and easy to read. The report writer allows you to design and print your own delivery notes and invoices with different formats for each customer if they so wish.

Be Better Informed

With SWIFT installed, you are in control of your warehouse and your fleet. Comprehensive audit trails allow you to track products from the moment they are received in the warehouse to the moment they are delivered. Similarly, fleet resources can be tracked real time and double-booking can be avoided.



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